Calvary and COVID-19

The Coronavirus has arrived in the Orlando area, with the first reported case in Seminole County. Knowing that God’s Word is true when it declares “all things work together for our good,” I am confident there are many ministry moments before us as we demonstrate Christ in the middle of the fear of a pandemic.

As many of you likely already know, Orange County Mayor Demings and Orlando Mayor Dyer held a press conference in which they asked for all gatherings of 250+ to be cancelled/postponed.

Additionally, the mayor reached out to Calvary individually asking us to set the example for the faith community. In light of this directive from Mayors Demings & Dyer, we will suspend our large public gatherings through the end of March.

What is Calvary Doing?

  1. Calvary Isn’t Closed! – Other than our large gatherings, we will continue operations until/unless we are told to do otherwise. All of our major public gatherings will be available through online streaming. The events that will now be hosted through online means include our Main Service, Calvary Español, our Women of the Word Bible study, and our Tuesday Men’s Bible study
  2. Sanitation – Calvary uses commercial cleaning solutions to disifect our campus. The products used are proven to kill not only COVID-19, but a host of other virus/bacteria that are impacting people’s health. You can be confident that all of our common areas are regularly disinfected.
  3. Provision of Wipes & Hand Sanitizer -We have been able to secure a limited amount of antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer. These will be available as you enter the buildings.
  4. Communion – We will be using individually sealed communion cups until further notice.
  5. Assisting with our Homeless Community – Our Orlando Hope team is actively working to assist those in our Calvary family who are homeless or at greater risk.
  6. Mordecai Coffee – Mordecai Coffee will be temporarily stopping the refilling of all reusable cups, as well as resuming the service of pre-wrapped straws.

What Can I Do?

  1. Pray! – The greatest tool we have is the power of prayer. Prayer for all who have been infected with the virus, believing God for complete recovery. Pray that God’s light shines bright in this dark moment. Pray specifically for our church, that we would be exactly what Gods wants of us in this season.
  2. Practice Wisdom – This includes frequent hand washing, covering your mouth when coughing, and regularly sanitizing items that are frequently touched such as phones. This also means that if you feel at all ill, make the wise decision to stay at home until you are healed.
  3. Be Aware of Ministry Moments – There is considerable fear connected with the ever-changing story surrounding COVID-19. Courageously step into the ministry opportunities that present themselves, bringing God’s peace to a troubled moment.
  4. Forgo Handshaking and Hugs – Handshaking and hugs are an integral part of church life at Calvary. For this season we strongly encourage offering a smile, or a wave as a safe alternative.
  5. Bring Hand Sanitizer With You – We have been able to secure a limited supply of sanitizer and wipes. It would be a great help if you can bring your personal supply for your use.
  6. Make Sure You are Connected to a Connect Group – Our small groups are wonderful, and will become even more valuable now that we have suspended our large-scale ministry activities. If you are not currently in a connect group, take a look at some of the connect groups we offer. Or, if you have an interest in hosting a small group, please email Pastor Izzy at
  7. Familiarize Yourself with Calvary’s Online Presence – We livestream on our website and on the Calvary Orlando Facebook page:
    We also have a large catalog of archived videos that can be found here!