CALVARY ESPAÑOL ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION SERVICE – Tonight, Sept 8, 7pm in the gym is on schedule

FRIEND DAY is rescheduled to SEPTEMBER 24th. Please let your friends and family know to join us!


Dear Calvary Family,

A quick glance out my window reveals that the sun is still shining, there is a slight breeze, and everything points to a gorgeous Florida afternoon. We would love for the same story to be told this Sunday afternoon, but current weather forecasts predict a rather different story. The latest National Hurricane Center update has the center of the storm track with Orlando right in the center of Irma’s path. There is certainly time for Hurricane Irma to shift away from us, but that possibility is becoming increasingly unlikely. Irma’s anticipated arrival brings to mind a number of questions that I will do my best to answer. One of the big questions is, “Will Calvary have church on Sunday?” The good news is we will have a service broadcast via livestream and Facebook Live, but we are encouraging folks to join us from the safety of their home or other place of refuge. Should you have additional questions please let us know. Here is what we know at this time:

Q: Will Calvary have a service this Sunday?
A: We will hold a church service for those who are sheltering at Calvary. This service will be available via Facebook Live and our website streaming. http://calvaryorlando.org/live-streaming/ We strongly encourage all who are sheltering at home to not attempt to venture out on Sunday, but to definitely join us online!

Q: Are there volunteer opportunities with Calvary’s Irma Response Team?
A: We anticipate a large team will be needed to respond to the needs of the Calvary family and community in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. We will send follow up emails to guide you in both volunteer opportunities as well as assistance.

Q: Can I help with clean-up after the storm?
A: YES! Calvary is a large campus and will have extensive landscaping debris to be removed. No special instruction is needed – stop by the church after the storm has cleared and start working wherever you see debris. Simply start making piles of trash and debris and we will remove. Thank you in advance!

Let’s all continue to pray for God’s safety upon our city and the entire state of Florida.
Pastor Ed Garvin, Lead Pastor