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Gustavo & Priscila Debastos

Calvary Português Pastor
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Pastor Gustavo came from Boston to Orlando to care for his ailing mother-in-law. She was completely cut off from her family, suffering from depression and a myriad of medical issues. He came to bring one person comfort, and found a cultural enclave in the city suffering. He began to speak to one young woman he worked with about Jesus, and this eventually led to his beginning a small church operating out of his home for Portuguese speakers. The church quickly grew and began to meet in an Adventist church when Gustavo felt God call him to make a change. He turned the congregation over to his friend and began to attend other churches in the Orlando area. This led him to Calvary, where he and his family immediately felt at home. He now runs the Portuguese ministry at Calvary, guided by his passion for people and connections, for listening to stories and providing a home for the dispossessed. Gustavo’s sons help set up the sanctuary on Sundays, his wife directs his zeal for ministry, and together they reach a host of people desperate to learn about Jesus in their own tongue.