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We are proud to offer Orlando’s premier
ministry to kids, students, and their families.

Our mission is to see the next generation become lifelong followers of Jesus. 
We believe in partnering with parents in real time, because we know that when you win, we all win. We strive for excellence by leveraging where are students are developmentally, engaging them in whatever phase of life they are in. And our focus is a cohesive ministry so that as your child grows from nursery to preschool to elementary  to middle to high school, you are met with the same intentional ministry for your kids. We love our families
and want you to know we are here for you.

Sunday Mornings

Wednesday Evenings


Our services are tailored to meet your child right where they are. From nursery to elementary,  we work to embrace their physical needs and engage their interests so that your child feels seen and loved by Calvary. Our ministry areas are fun and dynamic, while teaching biblical truths and intentionally helping kids experience the presence of God. We do this through the implementation of large and small groups to help every child foster friendships that will grow with their faith.


Calvary YTH Middle is a special place for 6th-8th graders. This transitional time is of the utmost importance and we work to leverage this time so that every child learns that they are loved by God and His people. Our services include energetic worship, exciting teachings, and small groups designed to affirm their journey and show them they belong.

Wednesday Evenings:
Calvary YTH is designed with your child in mind. Every service and activity is formatted to answer the questions these students have in their hearts: "Where do I belong?" "Why should I believe?" "How can I matter?" "What will I do?" Through worship, teaching, and small groups, Calvary Youth exist to mobilize their potential and transition students into adulthood to live their lives in a powerful way for Christ.

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