We believe God uses other people to help grow our faith, and that followers of Jesus are not meant to do life alone. That’s why we encourage participation in a Connect Group.

What is a Connect Group?

A Connect Group is a group of people who meet regularly in various parts of the city, from people’s homes to coffee houses, from the gym to the golf course. Our Connect Groups focus on three things:

LOVING GOD – Nurturing a relationship with God that is always growing and maturing.

LOVING PEOPLE – Developing close relationships with those within the group to provide support, encouragement, and friendship.

LOVING the WORLD – Serving others to share God’s love with them through personal ministry and service projects.

What types of Connect Groups do we offer?

We have several types of Connect Groups, including groups for men, women, young adults, teenagers, couples, families, and seniors.

Community – groups that gather together for the purpose of growing in relationships with others and God.

Interest – groups that are centered around certain activities or passions.

Service – a group of people who want to serve the local community in some form or fashion.


For more information on Connect Groups, please contact Izzy Nazario at