We are Building the Future

We are growing into our shoes! It is an exciting time to be a part of what God is doing at Calvary. The Kingdom Builders initiative was started by a group of individuals with a desire to see the Lord "Close the Gap" between our operating budget and the cost to run a facility the size of Calvary. The Lord has already miraculously provided for this year's need while we are growing into our shoes and taking responsibility to pay our own way as a congregation.

With the first goal of Kingdom Builders complete, there is more to be done! We are Building the Future together! This means we are partnering with our Mission's department to support our missions partners around the world. We are moving the vision of Loving, Reaching, and Equipping forward, using new ideas, vision, and dreams inside and outside of Calvary.

Did you know that you can intentionally be a part building the Kingdom at Calvary? If you currently give, serve, or partner with Calvary in any way, that already makes you a Kingdom Builder! But if you'd like to learn about more Kingdom building opportunities, you're in the right place!

Here are a Few Kingdom Builder Opportunities

1. The Kingdom Builder Fund

The Kingdom Builders fund is now available in our Secure Give portal for you to sow above and beyond your tithe into this fund as we believe God for growth and advancement. We are growing into our shoes and building toward the future! Everything sown into this fund now goes toward our "Close the Gap" initiative for 2024, as well as our mission/vision currently outside of operating expenses.

2. Kingdom Builder Strategic Partnerships

Do you have a business, a specific skill, or a talent that would be a beneficial partnership for Calvary? Or maybe you know an individual or business that would be a blessing to Calvary?
If they're looking to partner with a church and invest in the Kingdom of God, we want to connect with them.

Here are a few areas, ideas, or suggestions for partnerships we are looking to create.
  • Facility Needs/Operational Needs
  • Event Sponsors/Donations
  • Special Project partners and sponsorships

If any of this sounds right for you, please fill out the "Kingdom Builders Strategic Partner Suggestion" form, and we'll follow up accordingly.

3. Kingdom Builders Fundraising Team

Do you have a desire to help us host two large-scale fundraising events specifically focused on eradicating the deficit and providing financial resources for 2023 and 2024?
These events will also help us continue to build the Kingdom of God while partnering with our Missions department and the Kingdom Vision God has called Calvary Orlando to accomplish. We would love your ideas and help!

We need individuals with ideas, those who are willing to run, host, and help us pull off these amazing fundraising events. We are also looking for those who would have connections to community resources and individuals who would love to partner with us in these events.

If you would like to find out more information about partnering with our Kingdom Builders Fundraising Team, please fill out the form below.

4. Check out Kingdom Builders on the Calvary App

If you're interested in more information about Kingdom Builders, please check out the Kingdom Builders Serving Opportunities on the Calvary Orlando App

5. Become a Corporate Giving Partner

If you're a representative of an organization that's interested in being a Kingdom Builders Corporate Sponsor, please learn more about becoming a sponsor here