Kingdom Builders

One King. One Vision. Many Builders.

We are stronger when we come together.  The Bible is clear that when Believer’s come together in unity, God releases and even commands blessing to flow.  As a united Church Body, we believe that as we link arms underneath One King (JESUS), aligning to One VISION (HIS), and each taking responsibility for the role we are called to play (many BUILDERS), we can do and accomplish anything God has called us to.

As a church, we are moving beyond “survival” and merely “paying the bills.”  We are exercising our faith as we begin to dream and take faith filled steps together.   These faith-filled steps bring us together to believe in the eradication of any deficit as we grow “into our shoes”.  These faith-filled steps unite us as we pray and strategically plan to LOVE and REACH our city for Jesus.  These faith-filled steps link our arms together as we sow and send finances and missionaries around the world to fulfill the Great Commission.

As Kingdom Builders, we are not content to live on the sidelines.  We have decided to take “OWNERSHIP” and responsibility for the mission and vision of our home church, Calvary.  There is much we are called to accomplish together as a church!  Collectively, we have eyes of faith to see and believe for miracles.  There is a world needing to b202e Loved, Reached, and Equipped for the Kingdom of God.

2024 Vision | Outward Focus

The focus of the 2024 Vision across the Calvary Campus is the establishment of an OUTWARD focus!  We believe God is shifting our church body from concentrating on “survival” and only taking care of our internal needs to one of having VISION for our community and those outside of our church family.  Every department on campus will be expanding their reach to include an outward focus for 2024. It’s time to take the Gospel message to our community!  How exciting as we begin to adopt this mindset as part of our church culture!

2024 Vision Focus

Missions Projects
Calvary will tithe 11% of all that comes into Kingdom Builders toward our Missions Projects.  This campaign will specifically focus on supporting our missions’ partners stationed in Egypt.

The Calvary Courtyard and Campus Wide Landscaping
The goal is for the outside of our facilities to emulate the life and transformation God is doing in the lives of people inside of our buildings.  We will focus on elevating our courtyard as an additional community and ministry space while also enhancing our landscaping around campus.

Orlando Area Outreaches
We are excited to bring Calvary out of the four walls of the church and into our community.  We have identified three local areas where we are scheduled to host outdoor outreaches.  Be on the lookout for more information regarding outreaches at Lake Eola, Crane’s Roost and Winter Park.

Calvary Orlando Worship
Our Calvary Worship department will work this year on songwriting.  Our desire is to bring forth the heartbeat and anointing inside of Calvary, set it to music, and allow God to expand the reach of ministry “out of the house” to others.  By the end of the year, Calvary Worship will have written at least a couple of songs that we will be singing and using in our services to worship the Lord.)

Calvary International Language School
We are launching an International Language School.  The school will provide instruction in English as a second language.  Eventually, the school will be fully accredited and will provide the ability for individuals seeking student visas to utilize our school as an avenue to accomplish this desire.  Our Spanish and Portuguese congregations will be available to minister and connect with these individuals and their families.

Action Steps

Pray with us for the resources and completion of the mission and vision God has given Calvary.

Give Above and Beyond
Ask the Lord what He would have you as an individual or family give toward this campaign.  This vision is accomplished when our church body generously gives with faith-filled and expectant hearts ABOVE and BEYOND their normal tithes and offerings in order to see this mission accomplished.

Help us LEAD THE WAY as we give.  Volunteer in areas of ministry and for outreach events throughout the year.  We can accomplish these goals together as our church family continues to become a unified body who takes ownership and responsibility for the vision over our church.